Happy National Clean Off Your Desk Day!

clean desk


Well, I’ve survived my second Monday. Only 8 more to go before finals – I can totally do this. Positive thinking is key, ladies and gentlemen!

I never in my life had a real desk until I came to college and I thought I would never use it. It was always more comfortable to chill on my bed or lounge on the couch; or so I thought. Since I was introduced to a desk my world has officially changed forever. Let me tell you, I do everything at my desk. Eating, drinking, writing, working, schooling, practicing, Netflixing, even the occasional nail-painting. I love it! What was I doing all my life without one? The coffee table will never compare to a good writing desk. As I live here, you can see that its inhabitants often grow slightly out of control. This was a pleasant reminder to clean my work space and to get rid of some snacking temptations!


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