Check Again Tomorrow…


No holiday today! Back up to Portland tonight on the Bolt Bus and back to that school grind tomorrow. Have a lovely day off!


P.S. Glow Universe is your one-stop-shop for all of your glow stick needs. Their affordable prices ensure you’ll get your parties outfitted to the glowing maximum in addition to having glow sticks available in case of emergencies on the road or power outages.

P.S.The Alluring Violet is the curator of Sexual Well-being, and they are the preeminent purveyor of luxury bedroom accessories. This Valentine’s Day you can get something for yourself and if you order between January 14 and February 15 and use the promo code XOXO you’ll receive 20% off of your purchase – no exclusions!

P.S. There’s no reason to suffer the effects of baldness with new Provillus! It’s a hair loss spray treatment for men and women that is a proven product to show improvement. It’s been endorsed on TV by hair loss experts and is a quick and cost effective method to treat thinning hair. Follow the link for more information!


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