Happy National Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day!


Today’s more fun holiday is National Fruit Cake Toss day, but alas I am out of dessert to throw… It’s been a lovely, productive Saturday with lessons in the morning, clarinet work for techniques class, and lots of writing and research for French class. I started on the oboe and although I’ve had my bouts with flute and trumpet I know that I’m built to be an oboist. For my music education degree I have to take instrument techniques to learn all of the instruments and be able to teach them. Clarinet/saxophone is my first class and I am frustrated beyond belief right out of the box. My fingers are too small for this dumb instrument. My long, skinny, elegant little fingers that fit my oboe so well are having a terrible time covering these stupid, gaping holes. We’ll see if I make it out alive from this… My mom, as a music teacher herself, suggested that I put band-aids on my fingers to fatten up – that might be necessary.

dah-di-dah-dit | di-dah | di-dah-dit | di-dah-dit | di-dit | dit


P.S. The ESTA is a permit that every European needs in order to enter the US and needs to be submitted before flying here. So Marion, when you fly over here for my wedding this summer be sure that you fill out your application on this site so you’re all ready to go and your paperwork is submitted! We want you to get here safe and sound!

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P.S. These baby blankets are so adorable and make the perfect, unique present for any baby shower you have coming up. I’m going to let you in on a little, embarrassing secret… I still sleep with my baby blankets. Yes, you can all gasp… It’s not because I need them, they’re just the perfect size to keep my ears warm! High quality baby blankets like these are a gift that can last for a life time and the child can grow up with them and make memories with every stain or snag.


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