Happy National Cut Your Energy Costs Day!



Ahhhh, week 1 is over and I’m back home already for the weekend. Welcome back to the green couch and tan wall! The week wasn’t too bad as a forecast for the rest of the term and I know that some of my classes will be an absolute joy! I’m especially looking forward to my French Film class because Tuesdays are easy, watch a film with subtitles (thank goodness), and then Thursdays will be intense discussions in the language with presentations on the film and its relevance by us, the students, throughout the term. My speaking chops are coming back pretty quickly and they better be ready by next Thursday because unfortunately I’m the first to give a 15 minute presentation!

Tonight I had my first tavern experience at my great uncle’s birthday/retirement party. We were warmly greeted at the door by a very, very ‘exuberant’ fellow shouting “Who the F are you? Shut up shut up shut up! Welcome to Humpty’s Dump!” at which point my cousin calmly played delegate to explain that we were family and we were on their side. It was such a pleasure to sit down and talk with my family about real things for a real length of time because I often feel like they don’t really know me. When the conversation is “You’re in college right? How’s that? Well, Merry Christmas!” it can be difficult to really explain myself or tell a good story (I’m also just not a great conversationalist) but tonight was very pleasant and I’m happy that I really got to connect with some of them and I remembered why I love talking with them so much!

Alright – down to business; enough talk! About conserving energy… Good thing my light bulb burned out in my desk lamp and I happened to stop by Target today to get another. This one’s energy smart, has a 7 year life, and was on sale. It had everything I’m looking for and was a perfect fit for today’s holiday! How lucky am I!?


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