Happy National Static Electricity Day!


It may be cold, dry, and static-y wherever you’re at but I promise you that here, it’s not. It’s been pouring down rain since sometime yesterday and that is far from shocking. I would pull the balloon/hair stand-up act for you all but a) I don’t have a balloon on hand, b) my hair is tied up in a neat bun today, and c) I have better things to do, like go to Orchestra soon. I suppose that static electricity is interesting and/or useful but I got tired of experimenting with it in science throughout school… I understand it’s a cheap activity with very few props but there is science out that there is much cooler (much cooler).


P.S. My dinner tonight looked beautiful in the pan and is making me want to gag now that I’m in the process of eating it – so much for becoming a master chef… Eric, come cook for me!

P.S. I would like to introduce Funky Flick! It’s the best new way to find your next favorite movie because it personalizes your search results to match your hobbies and interests. You can search to find movies based on your favorite books, wiki page, hobby, or anything. Like, I could search for ‘oboe, blogging, college, lame, boring, LDR, wiki cooking how-to’ and then this amazing site will match me up with my perfect flick. With over 40 million entries in their database, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!


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