Happy National Argyle Day!



Amazingly enough we’re halfway through the first week already! Even more amazingly enough, my Wednesdays are over at 1:35 PM! I don’t see how in the world that’s possible, but the stars have aligned and I’ll take it! So far, my free time has been spent at ‘work’ writing and completing Fiverr orders and that’s fine with me. One of the major perks of ‘working from home’, which is such a cliché statement, is that I can write in my jammies, listen to music, and chow on spicy cheetos. Thus the argyle socks, slipper moccasins, and sweat pants. … Actually I think this basically proves that I’ve lost it. It’s rainy and dreary and I’m basically ready for bed already and these fun Christmas socks are keeping me slightly sane. … I’m going a little crazy with all this ‘free’ time. I think I might need more stuff to do?


P.S. This site, SharcTank, made me think of Eric because if he’s not at work or with me you’ll probably find him gaming. I totally support the nerd factor, heavens knows he supports me in my hobbies. SharcTanks is great because they do indie game reviews, tabletop game strategies, cosplay photography, and gaming related crafts. They’re basically gaming gurus and they’re hosting a free raffle through January so lucky winners can win a $20 Steam giftcard! Check ’em out and enter the raffle!


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