Happy National Thank Goodness it’s Monday Day!



TGIM, right!? …Right? I know I’m referencing Groundhog Day to think that I would like it to Sunday forever but I have to admit that when Monday rolls around I don’t greet it the most warmly. How did they, the holiday founders, know that today I would be celebrating this on the first day of the term? Somehow they knew and now we’re here… I suppose if I think about it, there are plenty of reasons to be happy it’s Monday!

1. My Monday schedule is the longest, in terms of consecutive classroom hours, so it’s really all downhill from here, in the most positive sense.

2. Speaking of schedules, I’m done today at 3 so I have all afternoon and into the evening to work and practice! Sweet “freedom”!

3. I’m now one day closer to reuniting with Eric for the weekend.

4. My makeup looks really good today, almost as good as Mrs. Claus’ up there.

5. We now have a home again for the oboists and bassoons, aka. the reed room, and opening that door might have been the high of my day, if not for bullet point number 6.

6. If it wasn’t Monday, I wouldn’t have had theory, and I would’t have received this delicious cake pop from Nick. That little tasty treat was enough to put a pep in my step and was the literal icing on Monday’s cake. (And yes, Nick – it’s Mrs. Claus, not a snowman as I first thought… I was wrong… Boo.)

I hope you were thankful for Monday to roll around too! I’m sure the parents were happy to throw their kids off to school and officially end break; teachers, maybe not so much.


P.S. Coping with Mondays requires a particular frame of mind and the Mind Innovator blog by Michael Brady offers advice and support to develop the self-leadership skills required to be successful. It’s mindset development for the smart ones!

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P.S. I have to admit that figuring out the behind-the-scenes part of this blog experience took a while. I don’t think I had the format of the website set to where it is now until about the third month and it would have been really nice to have someone’s help who knew all of the answers I didn’t. WPresstic offers blog marketing information as well as free wordpress tutorial videos and is a great resource for anyone new to blogging. Spend your time focusing on your words, not on how to move that one gizmo to the other side of the screen!


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