Happy National Bean Day!


Well, we’re back. Or rather, I’m back. Fambam and friends are once again an hour south and as I watch the time tick away towards tomorrow I have to admit that I’m a little flustered. Somehow giving myself 4 hours to readjust to Portland and prepare myself for the new term wasn’t quite enough time. I should be fine, though, considering that my books are all packed into my backpack, my oboe is beautifully adjusted and clean, my computer is at full charge, my clothes are hung in the closet, and now my pantry is stocked. I’m not sure I’ll be fully ready until I walk into my first class and reality jolts back to me. Break was a true break. It was a break from practicing (eek), responsibilities, Portland, hectic schedules… It was so nice to lounge around all day and be close to Eric. Even on days we didn’t see each other it was comforting to know that I could swing by the donation door at Goodwill and holler at him. I’ll be back on Friday for the weekend but that just seems a little far away. We’ve gotten so good at long distance that it’s a little difficult to adjust back to being close, and then away again. Now that we learned how to not annoy each other again I miss him. Well, I’ve gotta put my big girl pants on and get back down to business. There’s no getting out of school tomorrow. Period.


(As for the holiday, beans are gross and I’m not even sure what to do with this can of them that I bought. Happy holidays?)

P.S. So I’m a writer, as you can obviously tell from my constant Fiverr updates as of late, and I am very lucky that I was born with a knack for language but not everyone has the same gift. I offer some editing but it’s so tough to plow through errors and I just don’t enjoy it. Instead, anyone who wants amazing editing should go to Writing Transformed! They’ll help with clear, effective writing to make you stand out and impress your instructors, academic colleagues, co-workers, and publishers! Some good grammar goes a long way, people!

P.S. M & M Financial Consultants LLC is a start up tax preparation company that will prepare tax returns for incredibly reasonable rates. They’re looking to get their name out there and want to prove to you that they know their stuff. They have experience in individual and entity tax returns! They can do everything online and you can contact them by phone, (718) 218-3616, and e-mail at info@mmfcllc.com.

P.S. Know anything about Bitcoins? I only know what Eric has explained to me, which isn’t much. Luckily, this blog has information about bitcoins and you can follow along as this online currency rises and falls in the marketplace. Have a look, learn about this new awesome currency, and protect your bitcoin investments!


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