Happy National Trivia Day!

trivia day


You mean to tell me that I’m blessed enough to have a holiday of this caliber thrown into my lap? I love trivia! I can’t remember a darn thing to save my life, but trivia is one of my favorite things. Literally if you asked me what I gave Eric for Christmas last year and my life was at stake I wouldn’t have a clue. However, I might supplement my answer with, “but I remember I heard on NPR one time that…”. Trivia is the best because there literally is endless amounts of it! I like to think about my college lectures as trivia classes. Like, studying for my psychology final was telling Eric, “Wanna hear something cool? Kids are not cognitively advanced enough to lie until they can understand symbolism and false realities. Kids literally cannot intentionally lie until they’re about 3 years old.” See, an answer on my exam instantly becomes a trivia bit. I’m spending quite a bit of time on funtrivia.com today while I’m not either packing for Portland or pumping out articles for Fiverr again. My first quiz I got 9/10 so now of course I have to keep playing to get a perfect score… What an absolute treat!  : )


P.S. “Giggle” Donation Cards are a fun, new way to fund-raise because it makes donating fun. The cards feature scratch-off portions of the card that reveal donation amounts and a riddle (similar to how a lottery ticket would work, but for fundraisers). Each card can generate a 1000% return and is a joy for everyone involved that allows people to ‘give with a giggle as they uncover a riddle’.

PrintP.S.  Rue Marcellin is an e-commerce store offering a beautiful and unique form of art for interior decoration. They specialize in original vintage posters, prints, lithographs and other printed antique art. This includes advertising and propaganda posters, collector prints, magazine advertisements and illustrations, and fashion prints. I know where I’m going to stock wall-hangings for our apartment next year!

P.S. Lana Cordaro has a blog called Lana Answers to help women navigate through difficult situations in the dating world, their love lives, and any other aspect in which they may need more direction. Lana also has a book out called “Getting to the Proposal” for any women who feel their relationship is stalled. Check her out, it’s great stuff!



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