Happy National Drinking Straw Day!


Ahhhhhhh. The heavens have opened and I feel a little bit like Noah except I’m stranded in this new ocean without my ark! I’m not sure I’ll be doing anything today except typing furiously on my laptop because I have 30 orders to complete! You know how long it takes to write a 400 word article about a topic I know nothing about? At least I’m learning, I suppose. Thank you Jesus for every bit of success and fame I’m experiencing right now but could you have given me a little advanced notice? No time to shower and thank goodness for this holiday because if it weren’t for this hands-free drinking device I wouldn’t have time to drink my tea either! Gotta go, more to write! Happy holidays!



P.S. This is perfect! No matter where you go (tailgating, picnicking, dining, relaxing) you always can be comfortable on the ground and you don’t have to worry about bugs and critters joining the party when you have a soft, thick blanket to sit on. The TaBlanket is an all-in-one table and blanket that combines a plush, water resistant blanket with a stable hard top surface to put everything on. It’s ready when you are because it folds up into its own compact carrying case. Board games in the park anyone?

P.S. Infinite Enigma is a very interesting blog to look through. I, as you know, am one who loves being amazed and bewildered so I recommend that you have a look around. With information about spirituality, the paranormal, mysteries, and aliens – there’s a lot that will blow your mind.

P.S. Crushee is an open social network where people can talk openly. Once they form a mutual crush they can then talk privately. It’s safe, fun, and full of people who would like to get to know you. It’s free to join and is more than just a romance matching site – it’s a place to meet enthusiastic, wonderful new friends.



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