Happy National 55 MPH Speed Limit Day!


Today has gone from 0 to 60 in about the moment it took me to wake up! Some of you may know from reading this daily that I’ve taken on some internet entrepreneurial adventures with Fiverr.com and it slowly but surely has increased to fulfilling daily orders and making a couple dollars here and there either by promoting businesses and services here on my blog or writing articles. I was enjoying the constant stream of occasional tasks but it wasn’t overwhelming. Well, today I woke up to 10 orders and wasn’t exactly sure why I had been hit so seriously all of a sudden. Turns out Fiverr chose my gig to be featured on their home page! Can you say instafamous? It’s like my dream come true, well- one of them: to find a way to support myself while I go to school with a hectic, full schedule that won’t allow a traditional part time job. I’m really looking forward to all of the possibilities that this has in store for me but if this is going to keep up as it looks like, or worse – avalanches to a bigger selling footprint, juggling all of my responsibilities may be quite a task! For now I can cruise along and enjoy my little bit of fame and success and I’m sure I’ll learn how to cope with it as it progresses.

Now off to run more errands with Eric! One of our trips requires a 65 mph jaunt up the freeway and I refuse to coast in the right lane at 55 mph so you’ll have to excuse my lack of celebration. Nothing else today is going slow or steady for me!


friendsnloveP.S. Friends-N-Love is the perfect place to meet friends and develop serious romantic relationships online. Friends-N-Love is wildly popular in the UK as a pseudo match.com that is specially designed for people who thrive online and have interests and social connections in the internet world. Put yourself out there and you might meet someone special and new!

P.S. I’m always looking for handy free tools that make my life a little more simple and Spring Publisher is one of those sites to have bookmarked! Either through free download (spyware free) or by upgrading to the pro-version you can use it to design and print business cards, flyers, postcards and more! Perfect for my Save the Date postcards!

P.S. As my Fiverr footprint is growing and my orders are piling up I feel a little bit of stress and anxiety set in… Good thing for Alex McEntire! He counsels and consults and specializes in helping people recover from emotional and psychological damage from stress and anxiety. Visit Phoenix Counseling & Consulting for more information and read through their tips and tricks to coping for self-help!


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