Happy National New Year’s Dishonor List Day!


This tradition comes from the idea that with the New Year we need to cast out a list of words that have been overused and should be left in 2013. This isn’t exactly about cliches because although they’re annoying, they’re basically ingrained in our society. Imagine how much better our lives would be if we acknowledged trends and fads and then let them go. No more twerking, hashtags, trending, flaming, job creators, spoiler alerts, bucket lists, or ageddons/polocypses (apparently that’s armageddon and apocalypse for the lazies). I think we know by now that we only live once and lets be honest – no one looks good taking their selfies with a duck face. Let’s have a more cultured new year.


P.S. Getting started is hard, especially in a creative realm like art or music that is so subjective. Let’s support Gabiko loMo who paints with virtual pigments. Her art is captivating and by donating to her project you can receive some pieces of her artwork and “paint the sky with dreams fulfilled!” A very worthy cause.


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