Happy National No Interruptions Day!



I’m wagging my finger at you all right now! Don’t take this the wrong way – I’m no life coach who’s got everything figured out, I’m just a girl short of 20 with a blog and a dream with something to say. Today is the last day of 2013 so we don’t have any more time to put stuff off! You can only procrastinate for so long and throw things to the wayside in favor of other obligations. For pete’s sake, it’s already 2014 in many places around the world! No interruptions today! We don’t have time for that! It’s also National Make Up Your Mind day so whatever you decide on – do it. And why can’t we follow this up in the new year? I know, I’m going off the deep end here – decide your fate? Follow through? Crazy. But honestly! This year I decided that I would go all out and be successful and it’s turned out well! I’ve worked my way up to solidly junior status a year early, I’m financially stable, I have a loving fiance, a successful blog, and now a growing entrepreneurial footprint on Fiverr. Who knew it was possible? Through God’s guidance and my own hard work without interruption things are really looking up. Don’t give up, make up your mind, and avoid interruption – at least for celebration’s sake.

Now it’s time to clean the house for the part-ay tonight to ring in the New Year. Board games and snack food with some of my favorite people is in the only party I’m interested in. Forget about the Portland ravers with free drink vouchers and VIP access… I’ll have a nice evening at home with friends and pigs in blankets! Be safe out there everyone and happy holidays!


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