Happy National Falling Needles Family Fest Day!


It’s time to recycle the Christmas tree as it starts to dry up and needles drop to the floor. We never got around to getting a Christmas tree in the house this year with my dad sick on the couch with the flu and residual sickness throughout the holiday season. There are lots and lots of trees outside, as our house was built on a Christmas tree farm, but they’re all rooted into the ground with plenty of water. The key for today’s holiday is to curl up by the fire with your family and watch the needles fall off the tree. If you’re a little impatient I suppose it wouldn’t hurt anything to swing on it a little bit to encourage the fall.

Fun day with Sara first making jam this morning with my mums and then getting pedicures with Trudi, her mom-in-law. It was a nice escape from the couch! And even though my toes are beautiful you can be certain that my socks and slippers are back on already!


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