Happy National Tick-Tock Day!



I feel naked without a watch and although I always have my phone with me to see the time there’s something about pushing up my sleeve and raising my wrist that reassures me I really know what time it is. This new beauty has to replace my white jelly watch that kicked the bucket about a month ago. I bought this watch for Eric last Black Friday and he wore it until it stopped. This year on Black Friday I saw the same one and threw it into our cart for him again. As it sat on my dresser, waiting for Christmas to roll around I was finally tempted to try it on. Now it’s living on my wrist – I’m not strong willed! Eric gave me a jelly watch replacement but I’m already so in love with this classic leather tick-tocker that it will have to wait until this one days to have its time in the spotlight.

IMG_4841Tonight for dinner mom and I (mostly mom) were fearless and attempted Thai Tom Yum soup – a hot and sour soup with chicken. It was delicious! I had two full bowls and would have more if I wasn’t stuffed! When we put in the fish sauce and curry paste we were pretty worried about the stench but when all the other spices fell into the pot the palate calmed down quite a bit. 10/10 will eat again.


P.S. Free Online Photo Editor is a great free program that allows you to upload photos or connect to your webcam and edit the pictures with Aviary photo editor tools. When you’re done fixing up your photos they’re easy to save and share! Check it out : )

P.S. Are you careful to dry between your toes when you get out of the shower? …I’m not. I had no idea that between toes moisture is one of the major causes of foot fungus and odor. ICK! Thank goodness for the Tippy Toes Towel for their genius invention that makes it easy to dry moisture between toes. Plus, it’s quality material that will last!


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