Happy National Pledge of Allegiance Day!


Last night before I went to bed I asked myself, “Is today Friday?” and quickly responded, “Yep! So tomorrow’s Saturday. Alrighty.” Well, this morning a shy knock sounded on my door and I flew out of bed with wide eyes – It’s Saturday!! Ah! I had forgotten about my oboe lessons this morning so I jumped out of bed, threw on my glasses, pants, and ran downstairs promptly ready for my day. It took a few minutes for me to wake up and make coherent sentences but she thought it was funny so there were no hard feelings!

After that literally rude awakening, Eric and I have been lounging around all day. We went to Denny’s for hot tea and coke to sort through our engagement photos and pick out favorites, wandered the mall per habit, and he’s currently falling asleep on the couch. What a cutie! Break has been so relaxing because I literally lose track of days. I should be practicing, writing, or running errands but it’s nice to just sit and watch time pass. I’m busy enough the rest of the time that I can thoroughly enjoy some time to myself.

Today I pledge allegiance to the couch inside the Buchert mansion. And to the cushions on which I lay, one color, under me, indivisible, with comfort and sleep for all. AMEN.


P.S. KlassenKunst is an inspiring craft blog for anyone who has a knack for creating, family life, or crafting! It’s in German but my Internet browser translated everything with one click and there are enough pictures to understand no matter the language barrier. All the projects are so cute! I want to make them all!


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