Happy Day Off!


It’s been a while since we’ve had a gap in holiday calendar so I will gladly take the day off. Recently, someone asked me why I do this every day and I answered back that it’s like my relationship with the gym – if I try to start a habit I have to really commit because the first day that I’m out is the first day of forever that I’m done. Let’s just say the gym and I have not been acquainted in … a long time. Luckily my relationship with the holidays is a little more successful! Happy day off and I’ll see you tomorrow!


P.S. Here’s a site for free trials where participants can potentially be paid! We’re all looking for an opportunity to make some cash on the side so why not go to the site, plug in some simple information, and learn more about a program that literally pays to take part in!? Go from laid off, to paid off!

P.S. I can be fairly shy so let’s be honest and say that my list of friends is not severely lengthy. With Eric in the mix as my main man and the move to Portland it definitely hasn’t gotten any longer. Well, God has intervened on our social behalf and introduced me to Couples List – a social platform to meet platonic couple friends. My friend Nick is my platonic bestie but it would be nice to have a couple to be with when Eric and I are together, not a third-wheel (Nick, you’re still the best!). I think Couples List could do us some good!

Urnial_next_to_toilet (2)P.S. As a woman, I never had to deal with this side of the restroom but boys need something different Lil Marc Training Urinals are perfect for potty training your little boy. How cute is this? Easy to use, easy to clean and it comes with a colorful award chart and stickers for encouragement throughout the process! Most orders are shipped the same day so you’ll have your training urinal quickly!


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