Happy National Candy Cane Day!



Today we’re wrapping up Christmas and it’s the last party of the season, before New Years, with my dad’s Christmas. We had turkey, ham, and finger food along with the present pile from Grandma and then a big game of White Elephant. As the kids have grown up (Conner and I are tied for the youngest, about 4 years behind the next in line) we’ve been phasing out of presents into more of a game ‘Christmas’. This year I took home the softest blanket I’ve ever felt and a $25 card to Chipotle. Not bad with that restaurant right outside my doorstep. Now when I succumb to the food pressure and wander inside on my way home I don’t have to dig a hole out of my pocket! Dad got a Hickory Farms cheese/sausage box which I might grab a few things out of, Mom landed a lovely tool basket (basically a picnic basket for our uses) full of more food that I shall take with me for my cupboard, Conner got a hairdryer and brush set which he is oddly very excited about, and Eric snagged LED Christmas lights, an apron (mine), and a cake mix. Those prizes were definitely better than the first year when mom was stuck with a box of half-eaten chocolates and $20… Let’s just say that didn’t leave her with a great impression of the game.

It’s also National Thank You Note Day so be sure to whip out your pen and paper to send out your appreciation for the gifts this year. If you’re not so old-school then at least text someone that you love them. It’s not a Merry Christmas without a thank you!


yaelsteinburgP.S. Look at this beauty! As I have been in wedding mode for the last … every day since our engagement (and probably before) I’ve been scouring the internet for jewelry, dresses, shoes, decor, tables, flowers… Literally everything. Well look at this exquisite hair comb! Can’t see it well enough? Go to Yael Steinberg’s Etsy Shop to see one-of-a-kind jewelry that is inspired by nature and different cultures. She has a wonderful story and the things she creates are breathtaking. I’ll be perusing her site, if you need me!

P.S.S. Having a pet can be a lot of work and there are often a lot of questions that you don’t want to go to the veterinarian to answer. Here is a Pet Forum for all pet owners to share stories, answer questions, and post experiences. If you have a pet, you need to come here!

P.S.S.S. Christmas means time with the grandparents and so I’m always learning things about their childhoods, what they’ve lived through, and how it shapes their thoughts. At times it can feel like we’re just too far apart to really connect and then I remember that a) we’re family which transcends everything, and b) all we discuss comes down to core points that we all understand – we just have to get past all the generational colloquialisms and historical ties to deeply understand. Well, there’s a Senior Forum where seniors can discuss things like health, retirement, money, family, and other topics without having to translate between generation gaps!


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