Happy National A’phabet (No L) Day!


ABCDEFGHIJK[  ]MNOPQRSTUVWXYZ *Drumroll*… It’s Christmas! Santa dropped off some presents, Jesus is born, and now it’s time to open gifts and eat pie (if we didn’t get enough of that last night)! This year we don’t have a tree set up so the piano and our Christmas village are housing the presents. As you can tell it’s a year of good haul. A pair of fuzzy moccasins and my replacement oboe key chain were the only things that were a surprise this holiday season since I either picked everything out myself or was with my mom when she purchased it. I was just shy of wrapping them for myself! Nevertheless, it was a great morning of opening presents and now we’re on our way to my mom’s family and then Eric’s mom next for more food, fun, and family – everything Christmas is all about! I hope that today is a bright day for everyone and that especially those in need have a warm, loving holiday season with enough to go around.


Gift_10P.S. Snazz It is a new social marketplace for fashion where you can open a store, shop, or just browse. You can see what’s trending across the web and you can snag it for a great price. Even better – there’s a $10 gift for you when you sign up now. Snazz it and snag it!

P.S.S. The holidays are all about giving back and this wonderful company does! Tutors For Charity is an online platform to find reliable academic coaching and tutoring and a percentage of all of their proceeds go to support charities! It’s a win-win! “Giving back one student at a time.”


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