Merry Christmas Eve!


Today started out a little rocky and I’m still kind of recovering. Since I bought my new oboe, which I fondly refer to as Joey, we haven’t had the smoothest transition. As the instrument adjusts to the change in temperature and altitude between its old home in Arizona and the Willamette Valley it’s very common to have shifts in adjustment. However, that sudden blizzard threw everything out of whack and it was out of commission. Let’s just say that my repair choice has given me major ‘buyer’s remorse.’ I literally felt sick watching him get taken apart like my child was under surgery and now that he’s put back together I’m not sure how ‘healed’ he is and I just feel like it was a very bad decision. Ugh! My poor baby. I’m not sure how to get this churning feeling out of my stomach except to make another ‘appointment’ with another ‘doctor’ and then immerse myself in Christmas to forget.

Now that Eric and I are joining families my Christmas calendar is growing! My family always has 4 Christmas parties to attend so now we’re adding another half. Tonight it’s Christmas Eve with my dad’s extended family where Santa makes his annual stop to deliver presents and dinner with Eric’s family for the first holiday season. It’s so great to spend this time with loved ones and catch up on the antics of the new year. What a great warm up for tomorrow!



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