Happy National Haiku Poetry Day!



Each line has five then

seven syllables then back

to five syllables.


Not too hard, I think.

So today I went up to

Rainier, Oregon.


I played a lovely

concert of Christmas music

for my good pal Nick.


Who would’ve dreamed of

success? I was worried – fail.

Miracles happen.


Ready to head out

Back down the freeway, racing

Praying, “safe travels.”



P.S. Conversion sites are so so neat because not only can they make your life a million times easier but they’re also often free! This site, www.tomp3.io, converts youtube videos to music in seconds. I definitely am going to use this to grab the music from Joseph King of Dreams and Moses Prince of Egypt… I need those in my playlist ASAP.

P.S.S. Although I’m a musician and not a scientist, I, presumably like most of you, love having my brain stretched and learning new things. Science is so fascinating, especially in regards to advancement and discovery that are constantly changing the way we view and work with our planet. http://chemicalengineeringnews.org/ is a site I could peruse for hours and not get bored. There’s so much to learn and I really respect well-presented knowledge! Check her out!

P.S.S.S. Indigo is the #1 video production company in NYC because they’re “unreasonably ambitious.” I think I might actually steal that phrase from them for myself but it’s a beautiful description. I totally understand going ‘above and beyond’ to make something perfect and I applaud this company for their dedication to do the same. Have a look around this site and you’ll see beautiful web design, thoughtful blogging, and a very cool company – http://www.indigoprod.com/.


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