Happy National Crossword Puzzle Day!



As much as I love puzzles and brain benders I am super, super terrible at crossword puzzles. I’ll be filling one out for fun and start with the first clue thinking, “I can do this! So fun!… This one’s a little hard.” so I move onto the next one, “Eh, so this is hard too; next.” and so on and so on. Now I’m about halfway through and I change my strategy to “I’m going to fill in any guess I can come up with, give or take a letter.” so that by the time I’ve ‘filled out’ the crossword I feel better because it’s not entirely empty. I just try not to remind myself that the three answers I do have are entirely, utterly wrong. Good thing I have other talents because crosswords are not my specialty.

For today’s festivities I designed a puzzle that I think might be solvable. The key is to look through my blog archive and search around my site for any answers you don’t know. Hopefully I’m not crazy and it’s actually possible to decipher.. It makes sense on my end! (Also, I’m getting input from my mother that says this holiday was actually yesterday but it’s all in good fun so no matter what day this belongs to we’re going to celebrate today.)


reallygreatstuffP.S.  http://www.reallygreatstuffonline.com/ is a blog that finds ‘this’ and ‘that’ for you on the internet. All the little treasures she finds she shares with you so you can find the best presents for everyone on any occasion. This pillow set here is especially adorable and would be perfect for Eric and I long distance. If you have any last minute Christmas or New Year presents to buy you should stop by here first to be sure your gift is a creative treasure!


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