Happy National Underdog Day!


Everyone loves an underdog. It’s like when I’m miraculously the last one standing at Super Smash Bros and everyone jumps up and cheers for me while balloons drop from the ceiling with firework canons booming in the background. Why wouldn’t they? It was a fluke! At least in my friendly video game match’s case, no one is upset when an underdog wins because it doesn’t destroy the expected victor’s pride. It’s more like they graciously renounce their dominance for one slight second, knowing that they will pick it up again very soon. Basically it’s Queen for a Day – except it’s Queen for a Round and I am happy to be a queen whenever I can. The underdog story keeps people going because there’s a chance that you can emerge victorious. It might be an accident or you might really work hard enough to pull off an unexpected but totally genuine win and that hope keeps people in the game. When we lose our resolve to try we lose any hope of a success. Now it’s time to watch a heart warming movie about a true underdog. Happy holidays!



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