Happy National Re-Gifting Day!


I see nothing wrong with re-gifting; that is, if the gift is good enough to re-give. I think it’s better to give an object use, even through another person, than for it to waste away in a box collecting dust for years and years until a pass at spring cleaning forces it into the Goodwill pile. If you received a good smelling candle for your birthday and you want to give it to me for Christmas – go ahead! I’m actually applauding you for your thriftiness! Let’s appreciate the people this holiday season rather than the presents, or worse where they came from.

Right now Eric and I are re-teaching ourselves Cribbage! I gave it to him as an early Christmas present and it was a darn good idea for the afternoon! It’s not re-gifting but it is a gift!


P.S. Give the gift of savings this holiday season! I’m always a stickler for underpricing and I’ll save my dollars wherever I can. Before you go out to eat be sure to look for any coupons at http://fast-food-coupons.info/.

P.S.S. Here’s a personalized holiday gift to give! Order custom embroidered name patches for anything. Crafting, clubs, aprons, companies, name tags… Their only limitation is your imagination! http://www.alittlecrafty.com/Name-Patches-s/155.htm

P.S.S. In America, we tell our young people, ‘Follow your passion’…For young adults on the autism spectrum, we somehow forget their strong interests and place their deficits under the microscope. Read on to find out how the Aurora School is helping young adults on the autism spectrum in Atlanta follow their passions and achieve their dreams at http://aurorastrategies.wordpress.com/2013/12/18/autism-without-borders/and help fund their innovative, life-changing projects at http://igg.me/p/607612!

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