Happy National Wright Brothers Day!


This holiday brings up a slight historical controversy as the Wright Brothers have been deemed the first to fly, but recent digging has brought major evidence to light that they might not actually hold that title. An aviation pioneer from Connecticut, Gustave Whitehead, has unseated the brothers with an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that his first flight (the 21st plane he built) was flown nearly two years earlier than the flight at Kitty Hawk. If that isn’t enough to wrinkle your brow and purse your lips, Whitehead made another, more successful powered airplane flight one year later. That makes his second flight still a year before our more famous friends. The famous phrase, “history is told by the victors” somehow doesn’t apply here? I don’t know about you, but if I flew the first airplane (or did anything extraordinary, for that matter) I would let everyone, and I mean everyone, know. Nowadays it’s easier because I have people reading my rantings across the globe (literally) and that Facebook status bar is always asking what I’m doing but word of mouth still has quite the power. I say it’s mostly Gustave’s fault – if you do something great, let us all know or else you’re twisting history for generations of school children who are taught wrong. … Just like Pluto – you will always be a planet to me.


P.S. TiredofPlayinTees is a new business that makes Christian slogan tee shirts. We all know the time a business needs the most support is when they’re trying to get rolling so be sure to look at their Facebook page (which will serve as their home website for the time being) and scroll through their early selections. If we’re supposed to be salt and light why aren’t we obvious about it – wear your faith! Their mission is to share revelation one design at a time! https://www.facebook.com/tiredofplayin

P.S.S. As I get older my Christmas list shrinks down to the basics – clothes, oboe gear, and the occasional irrational plea like an iphone5S. This holiday season under the category of ‘oboe gear’ I asked for a bluetooth speaker that I can hook up to my phone in order to get my metronome loud enough to hear it as well as play tuning drones and occasionally duet with some recordings. Well – mom if you haven’t stashed one in the present closet yet, MusicCup is the cutest speaker ever! It’s NFC enabled as well as bluetooth capable (which I’m sure doesn’t affect me and the dinosaur phone) and provides clear, strong sound out of a cute coffee-cup lookalike! It’s the perfect holiday gift! http://mymusiccup.com/

P.S.S.S. We all know money is tight and while we’ve learned to be wary of the too-good-to-be-true, get-rich-quick schemes the Empower Network somehow looks different. It’s a site for people to explore their options for working at home online. You can enter your information and learn what to expect here at www.linkprosperity.com/wealthdiscoveryformula and you can read through this blog about success tips and ways to capitalize on what the internet has to offer at www.linkprosperity.com/paultaneja. Any questions? Email paultdata@gmail.com!


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