Happy National Barbie and Barney Backlash Day!


After a little bit of research I’ve found dissenting celebration which creates a slight conundrum for me, your fearless leader, to whom you all look for unwavering festive support and holiday guidance. The first possibility is to tell a young child that Barbie and Barney aren’t real and prepare yourself for the thrashing and screaming and tearing of clothes as they mourn their dearest, friendly characters. This, I feel isn’t exactly kosher… Especially because I don’t have children of my own and I feel that a parent should have the right to reveal this in their own time – who am I to step on their toes and simultaneously crush the dreams of their youngsters? I imagine we’ve no option but to choose the second path. After digging out some memories from the closet (and nearly breaking my dream house in the process when I couldn’t remember how to open the darn thing) I have a few words to say to these characters that held so much of my childhood in their plastic and animated hands:

Dear Barbie – I never even really liked you. You were always too expensive and it hurt my Grammie’s feelings when I told her she got me the wrong Barbie Goes to School outfits because I wanted the other pink bows for your hair. I was always much more interested in building your dream house, decorating the living room, and putting together outfits than playing make-believe with you and the only reason I ever did was to delay the clean-up process. I won’t even get started on my morphed view of the ideal feminine figure, realistic aging, or appropriate hobbies and careers for women.

Dear Barney – You son of a gun. It’s not appropriate to hug everyone and we need to get that straight right now! The majority of the stars we have today started as guests on your show and off the top of my head I can’t think of any that I should actually thank you for introducing to popular culture. Finally, to be brutally honest – I don’t remember all of the words to your theme song and it seems that I’ve shoved out most of my daycare memories with you because apparently in college I now have bigger fish to fry. I’ve officially moved on.


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P.S.S. Your Two Sense Worth is a campaign to help people view life through a healthier mental perspective. He’s raising money for marketing to get the word out about a healthier view of love, which I fully support, and to help others achieve a more fulfilled, meaningful life. In this season of giving, why not give the gift of love? http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/your-two-sense-worth/x/5565208

P.S.S.S. Author Susan Louise Peterson contacted me to promote her book Is My Child Autistic or Delayed to help parents sort through a very personal and difficult question about their children’s developmental progress or delay. It’s illuminating, forthright, and comes from the perspective of a school psychologist and every parent ought to take a look. Please view the short video below for more information.


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