Happy National Lemon Cupcake Day!


It’s also National Cat Herder’s Day but how many cats do I have around here to herd? – Only that neighborhood stray living in our trees that runs whenever I get close enough to lay eyes on it… That doesn’t seem incredibly feasible!

Now that I’m home for break I can finally go to church again – yay! I know there are churches in Portland, and Nick and I are planning to go church-hopping when the next term rolls around, but my Grace Point church family is special. I’m blessed to have them all in my life and even if I’m on my phone through the message I assure you I am listening. Okay, okay, I promise my emotional tangent has purpose – today during fellowship time I got to snack on this delicious (probably Costco derived) lemon (pound)cake with my watered down coffee! It’s not shaped like a cup, but it’s close enough for me. I really like when my life naturally conforms to my holidays – it’s barely work when it falls into my lap!

If you’ve been paying attention you might be noticing that there have been some well-placed promotions on my blog in the past week and it’s all been due to a little site called Fiverr. It’s a really cool, relatively new online market place where we can offer services for $5. I’ve been selling promotion on my blog for the last 3 months and although it took a long time to see any real success it’s taken off in the last week!  It’s an amazing opportunity to use the resources I have (a promotional platform, my wit, and some words) to make some grocery money. Thanks for supporting my endeavor and reading through their promotions, it’s a win-win for everyone!


P.S.  Although I am blushing while I type this and am a pretty conservative conversationalist on the topic, this company, Sense & Spirit, focuses on selling products for personal growth and feminine empowerment with body safe and organic products for very reasonable prices. Their slogan is “Nurture your beautiful spirit, empower your Sensual Nature!” It’s worth a look, at www.senseandspirit.com.

P.S.S. We got ’em! Powerful secrets, tips, tools, and techniques for turning small businesses into BIG paychecks:www.sfi4.com/11882595/FREE


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