Happy National Hot Cocoa Day!


I’m officially in the Christmas spirit! I’ve snatched some clothes from the present room to amplify my Albany wardrobe, raided the stores for my own present pile which I wrapped yesterday, and now it’s time to cocoon myself with some hot cocoa and relax.


Ahh… I love the holidays. My favorite peppermint hot chocolate is, of course, an hour north – just like everything that I needed before was an hour south – so I’m stuck with the year(s) old cupboard hot chocolate but it’s doing me well. I got to see two of my little oboists again this morning which always warms my heart. It’s great to see them eat up every little victory and one in particular is going to be a real star. It’s my greatest privilege to help foster that potential and to encourage her growth. Eric’s off being nerdy with some friends for the greater part of the afternoon so it’s just me and the dog cuddling in the comfort of the holidays with a warm chocolately drink while I watch Ratatouille and Monsters Inc. Thank goodness for home.

Speaking of the holiday, look at these beautiful custom felt stockings. It’s the kind of beautiful Christmas touch you would expect from an Etsy shop, and yet somehow cuter! Visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheBusyElfWorkshop and if you order soon you can have them hanging on the mantel by Christmas! It’s Pinterest worthy, adorable, holiday fun.


P.S. If you live in the Carson Los Angeles area there is a great carpet cleaning company with a refreshing business model that focuses on a job well done. Beautiful website and inspiring back story. All Points Carpet Care is Manhattan Beach’s top carpet cleaning company and I highly recommend you check them out at http://allpointscarpetcare.com/.

P.S.S. As a blogger myself I am supportive of others getting started because I know it can be rough to get going. I know on a daily basis there are struggles to move past the lulls of boring conversation and to engage in a lively discussion with myself. Well, Nicole Sloan’s Books at http://nicolesloansbooks.wordpress.com/ is doing a marvelous job at making engaging content for a good read. It helps that she’s a writer working on her first novel, so she’s not new to the writing game!

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  1. Reblogged this on Nicole Sloan's Books and commented:
    This makes me want some hot chocolate. It looks good. I really enjoy her posts and she was nice to advertise my blog on her site. I hope all of you will check out her site and enjoy her posts as much as I do.

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