Happy National Pick a Pathologist Pal Day!


Ahh, it’s so good to be home to see Eric again. While we’re super good at the independence part of long-distance and we’ve learned how to get on with our lives in the time we’re apart it’s always just the absolute best when we’re back together. I really missed this guy – a whole lot. Why is this national holiday especially perfect? Well, he’s not a speech pathologist yet but this guy is my pal and I know he’ll help a lot of stuttering children down the road when he’s through school. It’s such a great cause and he’ll be great at it. It’s fun to see him get fired up just dreaming (to choose a girly word) about creating emotional connections with kids and helping them overcome rough setbacks to ultimately be more successful. What a guy! Speech pathology, and any medicine-related profession actually, is very interesting to me, in the way math is interesting – it’s just beyond my grasp so I like learning about it but would never devote my life to it – so I’ll just let Eric have this one. Plus he’ll bring home the ‘big bucks’ for us while I pitter patter away with music ed.


P.S. It’s technically the ‘tomorrow’ of a very late today but I’m not sure I’ll see this fellow again in the next 24 hours so we’re celebrating technically on time, but actually very early. It’ll be nice to not scramble tomorrow night and mutter those dreadful words, “I haven’t done my blog…!” while I’m closing my eyes to go to sleep ; )

P.S.S. I found this great product on indiegogo, a site like kickstarter to promote start-up businesses, and these are really cute, and affordable mind you, reusable stickers to put on your phone, tablet, and computer webcams or cameras to stop peeping toms. My mom has been a worry wart ever since the webcam age came about those hackers that watch people changing and whatnot and apparently it’s a real thing, as creepy as that is to admit. Even if a person was being overly suspicious or careful the stickers are just so fun, it’s even just an accessory that you can personalize! Check them out at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/elensdots-lens-cap-stickers-for-your-phone-webcam-laptop or http://www.elensdots.com.

Speaking of indiegogo, I always wondered how people got publicity for their projects except through the obvious Facebook friend trees that slowly spread the word with families, friends, and class/work mates. Apparently there is a company called CrowdFund911 that does consulting for building those sites as well as publicizing and using their broad base of social networks to encourage traffic. I bet that would be a lot more successful than my small Facebook social footprint. Remember when I tried to start that scrapbooking business last year and I had about 12 likes (my mother, my pastor, etc.) after 2 months of promotion? Well, this obviously is a much more successful idea. Check them out at http://crowdfund911.com/ because “There is no Crowdfunding without the Crowd!”


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