Happy National 12-Hour Fresh Breath Day!



After unintentionally smelling a lot of mouths in my life I’ve decided that no person is born with exceptionally fresh breath. That might sound weird, but think about it for a moment. We often make a mental note of people who have terrible, get-away-from-me halitosis but very rarely do we think, “wow that person has the best smelling breath!” Having ‘fresh breath’ is more the absence of smelly breath. Of course the mint market has done a marvelous job of making us self-conscious about our kissers so we’ll go out and buy minty, fruity chews to mask our natural musk. Don’t get me wrong, this tangent isn’t going anywhere near deodorant, which I believe is of severe necessity for everyone. However, what if we just accept that everyone’s breath is pretty meh and move on? Eric says I always have pretty terrible breath and I think his is equally bad he just can’t smell it. Let’s give up the blame guys, we all stink.




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