Happy International Mountain Day!



I snapped this photo off the freeway last year getting back into Portland and I’m sure it looks about the same today. It really is beautiful though. The beauty of the Earth and the creation story, or evolutionary tale as some would prefer, really blow my mind. It’s amazing beyond amazing and we’re blessed to live here. *pause for reflection*

I’m ready to get my three finals out of the way today so I only have to worry about two more. Then I can finally relax! Oh, wait, that’s what I’ve been doing since Friday! But actually, with the exception of my high school yoga PE class I haven’t ever lied down and listened to those relaxing, calming visualization ‘tapes’ that are so popular. Well, I found this website www.SunriseGuidedVisualizations.com and they have two free samples I’ve been listening to while I write this. Even with just half of my brain paying attention I already feel my heart rate has slowed and the woman’s voice is so soft and calm… It’s refreshing actually to not have to think at all and just be still – more so if I was following the directions! Now I’m renewed and ready to go. The slogan says, “Feel better today!” and I do! Let’s ace these finals!



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