Happy National Dewey Decimal System Day!



I know it’s basically every librarian’s job to explain the dewey decimal system but I somehow fell through the cracks. That’s probably mostly due to the fault of the education system which basically erased all librarian positions by the time I was in sixth grade. Although, one of my best friends throughout elementary school was the librarian – as sad as that fact is, it’s totally true and she was the best – so I don’t have too much of an excuse. I can almost always find the books I’m looking for but most of the time I wander up and down the aisle I know it’s supposed to be in, hoping that the right book will mysteriously fall off the shelf into my lap. I was honestly going to wander around the PSU library today and look for some popular French novels that I might not end up reading but I haven’t actually left the apartment today. Heaven’s knows it’s freezing outside and I just don’t have the strength to brave that very innocuous looking storm. So I’ve provided a posed photo with the books I do own instead… That’s the same, right? And shoutout to my Christmas present from Lindsey – another beautiful, sparkly scarf to stash in my scarf drawer. I refuse to choose favorites with my little babies but this one would rank towards the top of the list I refuse to make.

Now it’s friend night game night cookie night fun night – yes, that’s the official title as of right now. As we’ve discussed for at least 5 days straight I am killing myself with boredom so this is a brilliant distraction. Here we are pictured with our respective gingerbread kin, and of course my beautiful tree that ‘won’ the shapes round. Tomorrow I have two finals and my jury and only two more finals on Thursday. I’m so looking forward to being home with Eric but these guys make my second home bearable.



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