Happy National Weary Willie Day!



Finals week is wearing me out, and not because I’m so busy studying and taking tests but rather the exact opposite. I am so, so, so bored. This morning I aced my first final in my piano exam and since then I’ve simply been waiting for the clock to turn its way back around. Some people have a really tough time managing busy schedules and not getting worn out but I am the total opposite. Right now all I can think of doing is bashing my head into the wall…

However, the one good thing I did this afternoon is make an amazing lunch. When I say amazing, I’m not even joking. Today I learned that I’m not completely inept and some day I will successfully be able to feed my family! Sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and pasta not only cleaned out the perishables from my fridge but also threw together the best meal I’ve ever prepared on the fly! Well, this Weary Willie did manage to do one good thing today – the rest, however passed slowly and not so surely.



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