Happy National Bathtub Party Day!


Shucks! I wish I had more time to plan this party! If I had known and prepared, it would have been the talk of the town. It also would have helped to have the evening free… It’s been a long day (classes, tests, recital, rehearsal, concert) and although a bathtub party would probably be the highlight of my day, I’d rather go to bed. I think it’s hilarious when professors say like, “wow, low energy! Are you all hungover? What were you doing last night?” and everyone giggles and looks around at each other slyly while I just smile and say giddily in my head, “I went to bed.” Seriously – I am the most boring person ever. The ‘parties’ I attend are either eating dinner with friends at a decent hour or playing board games together, also at a decent hour. … Maybe I should have that bathtub party to spice my life up a bit? Nope, it’s time for bed! Goodnight, world!



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