Happy International Day of Person’s With Disabilities!


I’m not registered with the Disability Center at school but that doesn’t stop me from sitting in the special cushy, comfortable chair in my psychology class with the DRC tag. If no one else is going to use it I will definitely take the opportunity for lumbar support and butt cushion. Two hour lectures go by a lot faster when you can recline and lounge. I think I might claim scoliosis as my disability so I can have a nice chair reserved for me!

Today was pretty emotionally crushing but I think I’ve had enough pep talks to pull myself up by my bootstraps. For the good news, I made pesole (like a mexican chili with hominy and chicken), had warm chocolate chip cookies and milk for dessert, and am going to bed early. Tomorrow will be better, it has to be – it’s National Cookie Day and how you can you be unhappy while eating celebratory cookies!? See you tomorrow!



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