Happy National Day With Art!


I’m skyping with Eric while he frantically fills out the PSU transfer application. I have been telling him for a while now that he needs to get on that and I wasn’t going to do it for him and, well… I decided that tonight I should look into it and, guess what, it’s due today! Yayyy. I guess it’s partly my fault for also thinking it wouldn’t be due until at least February and mostly his fault for believing his friend who says he didn’t apply until mid summer with no hiccups. I am a planner and an organizer and hitting deadlines at the tail end is freaking me out but I think if the myth ‘anyone can get into PSU’ is true then the twenty minute application should be alright!

This blog post today also caught me off guard because since my days have been mixed up it didn’t really occur to me that today and yesterday are separate entities. Like as I was just opening tabs and scrolling through things to keep busy on my end I thought I would check on tomorrow’s holiday to realize that today is not National Stay Home Because You’re Well Day – darn, I really liked that holiday.

Alright- as for the art. The ballet finished today! It was a fun run and I’m looking forward to my check as a paid musician! Now who says musicians don’t make money? I am very excited to have that off my plate and after 6 performances I was becoming a little too familiar with the material. It was a very cool experience and the very little that I could see of the dancers with impressive and artsy!



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