Happy National Stay Home Because You’re Well Day!



Today I don’t get to stay home, but I do get to sleep in! I know I mentioned this a few days ago, but I have been absolutely swamped this week and that’s pretty noteworthy for me because I’m very good at managing things so they never pile up. Sometimes, however, the piling is out of your control – and so it did.

Yesterday we began performances with the Portland Ballet of Firebird and The Enchanted Toyshop. It’s really sounding great and from the small bit of jumps and arm movements I can see reflected from the sound booth windows it looks great too. If anyone is still confused at this point – no, I’m not dancing, I’m playing. I thought I might be a ballerina when I was little but I was asked to leave the group when I thought the progress was moving too slowly and began twirling and jumping at my own speed. I am definitely, definitely under the stage.

I would really like to stay home, not because the ballet isn’t fun or I really need an entire day of nothingness, but like every other person out there I would like to snuggle up in a blanket, eat some soup, watch a couple movies I’ve already seen, and nap all day because I’m well which makes it all the more enjoyable.



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