Happy National Buy Nothing Day!



My sense of time and calendar are completely screwed up after the midweek trip home, late night shopping last night, and the trek back to pdx that is currently taking place on the train. Hopefully when I get back home and into the performance swing I can get myself back on schedule.

Turkey-free day yesterday didn’t work out and as you can see we fell into the Black Friday trap today – or, last night rather. There has been a lot of bad press for the sales starting earlier and earlier but I have to admit that I really liked it so much better than crawling out of bed at 4 AM. Not only was I asleep before midnight, but we also got to make a little more of a family trip out of it with Grammy Janny tagging along. I realize that retail workers should be able to spend Thanksgiving with their families but so should my brother who had to serve the old ladies their dinner at the Mennonite Village and my dad’s side of the family who work at Wah Chang. And of course we shouldn’t be emphasizing reckless spending and crazed behavior for material objects when we should be preparing for the sentimental and familial aspects of the approaching holiday season but it really is so much fun to walk away with a  3 ft long receipt that says you saved three or four times what you spent.

I’m glad my mom and I have started Black Friday shopping because it really is a fun little ‘tradition’ now. We only go for boring stuff like clothes, a vacuum cleaner, and maybe the occasional waffle iron but it’s nice. Plus, I know everything I’m getting for Christmas because I get to pull if off the shelf myself! Now I just have to wait a month and forget everything I picked out so I can open it from a box under the tree and pretend to be surprised! Definitely looking forward to wearing a few of those sweaters…



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