Happy National Turkey Free Thanksgiving Day!



So obviously a turkey was eaten today at the Buchert mansion… And yes, I was one of those carnivores. Now, before you vegan, tofu-rky eating haters judge me, just look at that thing! It’s beautiful! It’s hard to imagine a Thanksgiving without turkey because that’s like Christmas without clam chowder; which I realize is a family tradition but important nonetheless. Anyway, my point is – I ate some turkey thoroughly doused in gravy and I will not apologize! It was delicious! And thank you mom for cooking all of the holiday essentials!

Now that Thanksgiving is mostly over, we’ve made the family dinner rounds, and we’ve all shared our thanks and good wishes we’re in Black Friday shopping mode. We never do anything extreme or have serious wish lists but it’s pretty fun to join in on the craze and stand in long lines to chat with strangers about their holiday plans and to feel like you really got a great deal. I already started with some online shopping at American Eagle for some new Christmas jeans as well as what I hope will be my wedding shoes for a small $15 and a big haul from Forever 21 for some very, very, very cheap closet essentials. 50% off clearance? Can you say savings? Now we’re ready for Old Navy and Kohls, bring on the crowds! Oh, and of course have a happy and safe holiday, because every day is a holiday – some are just more important than others.



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