Happy National Day of Listening!



This one is a real test for me today. I’m a good student who rarely, if ever, misses class but today as I was making the trek from the music building to my psychology class after my stack of morning classes it took all of my personal responsibility and motivation to not just wander on home for a nap. What we’re learning in the course is fairly interesting and the professor lectures pretty well but two hours if sitting and taking notes is too long for me now that I have been spoiled with fun, interactive music and French classes.

I’m here and I’m technically listening, or at least enough to synthesize what he’s saying into note form but that definitely isn’t stopping me from doodling on my phone, planning my lunch for when I finally get out of here, and rehearsing music in my head. I’m sure some people have to really try hard for a good grade in this class but when I can multitask through lectures and not study on tests with exemplary results it seems like a waste of my time to do anything else. Yes, I know – character, ethics, get the most out of my education… But right now I’m just going to daydream and take a much needed mental break and that’s totally fine with me.



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