Happy National Shopping Reminder Day!

periodic table


With the pace of the oncoming week I need every reminder that I can get. My overloaded school and music schedule hasn’t hit me too hard so far this term but as of today everything has changed. Finals and projects are looming, juries (the major stress) are approaching at equal speed, and this week in particular is a doozy with the Thanksgiving ballet. I mean, I just remembered this morning that my mother’s birthday is tomorrow! We’ll see if i remember in 24 hours… Shoutout to Mom for a happy birthday right now in case the whirlwind picks me up and carries me away.

So now for the holiday… Black Friday is this Friday and my mom and I are, like all you other dollar savvy Americans, planning our Christmas shopping list and figuring out how to save a buck or two. The biggest problem with Christmas shopping is always deciding what people want. I still haven’t thought of any suggestions for myself except for a bluetooth speaker and a bag to hold my oboe music… Although let’s be realistic – a wedding dress and an oboe make up for about 6 years of Christmases so I’m fine! If you have anyone ‘science’y or geeky in your life I found this awesome website http://periodictableshop.com with those fun, slightly kitschy gifts that people find both hilarious and thoughtful. Perhaps a white elephant present or a gift for the Big Bang Theory enthusiast in your life – apparently there’s a shower curtain that a BBT fan would enjoy?


P.S. Sotiris Bassakaropoulos has a website called Pro Blogging School that is a great resource for anyone who wants to start a blog or website for free and needs a little help getting started. Check it out!


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