Happy National Celebrate Your Unique Talents Day!


I thought that today was ‘Small Business Saturday’ and was thinking all day about what to write and now that I pulled up this page to get writing I realized that it isn’t even Saturday, much less Small Business Saturday. Lucky for us it’s actually D.B. Cooper Day, Mother Goose Day, and Celebrate Your Unique Talents Day so we have plenty of other, more relevant holidays, to choose from.

Today Eric and I had our engagement photos and it was a blast! We met our photographer this morning and at first it was super awkward because she said, “cozy up to each other, just act normal!” and we both looked at each other like, “normal would be on different sides of the couch eating ice cream.” We don’t show hardly any PDA but once we got over that hurdle it was really fun! Lindsey  did my makeup for me this morning and I felt super pretty! And of course, Eric looked really handsome too. The stretched point of today’s holiday is that we each have a unique ‘talent,’ if you will, in our looks. Every person has a unique beauty to show off so today we showed off our unique style and love affair with some ‘modeling’. …Are you still with me? So what if this was just a plug to talk about our photo shoot – I don’t mind at all. It was so fun and I’m really looking forward to getting those pictures back!! Happy holidays!



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