Happy National Have A Bad Day Day!



As you can see, I’m terribly upset because my day was just too darn pleasant. I was really hoping for a fight to break out, it to pour down rain today, to have an upset stomach, to break my reed, or fall down a flight of stairs! It did rain this morning on my way to conducting class but I remembered my umbrella – darn it! I couldn’t bring myself to mope in the rain while carrying an umbrella so I arrived to class on time and relatively dry… Ugh.

Let’s see, what actually did go badly today? I might have to stretch some pleasure into pain but I’m sure I can come up with some catastrophe. Well, my sight singing melody in aural skills wasn’t super – that’s one thing. It was a melody from last week I hadn’t looked at, well, since last week, so that was a little raw but it still must have been an A- or a B. There are a couple sixteenth note turn-arounds in a piece that the oboe and flute studios are playing together for a benefit concert that I don’t quite have under my fingers. I really wish Karen would have called me out on it and I could have shed a tear or two in embarrassment…

Speaking of playing – the worst part of my day is how much I’ve played! I’ve been slathering on chapstick for the last fifteen minutes since I finally got home and it’s like watering a dry plant that soaks up the water immediately and returns to be a sweltering desert. Between chamber group, practicing, orchestra, and recording Nick’s composition (which deserves a shoutout for its creativity and greatness) I’ve played about 6 hours today with only a 1 hour meeting in the middle to break that all up. I am tense as anything and my cheeks are so tired my smile muscles are basically out of commission… Well, I suppose this is a good way to build up endurance. Darn it! There I go again, making lemonade out of lemons. As much as hashtags are overused and ridiculous, I think this sums it all up pretty darn well: #firstworldproblems.



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One response to “Happy National Have A Bad Day Day!

  1. Julie Buchert

    Oh my gosh! That was SOOO funny! I had a good day. Darn it all anyway.

    Julie Buchert

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