Happy National Button Day!



What would a cardigan be without buttons? Now don’t tell me those button-less wrap cardies are real sweaters. I demand buttons to protect me from the oncoming winter chill. Converse, jeans, top, cardigan, scarf everyday.

On a similar note, Eric and I are looking forward to taking our engagement photos next weekend so like the planner I am we talked through his outfits this morning and I basically told him, from the eyes of a woman, what will look the best. When I asked him if there was anything in particular that he thought would be fitting on me he said, “Um… Jeans. Wear pants. Clean pants. … Probably a bra. Maybe a camisole?” Men! I even prompted with, “Imagine me in a memory – what am I wearing?” and that didn’t seem to help. I did pick out 95% of his wardrobe though so I suppose I have the upper hand. I’ll just spend the week playing dress up to find what clothes most represent us – whatever that means. I’m sure I’ll end up in my usual outfit just with an extra flashy scarf. ; )



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