Happy National American Teddy Bear Day!


This isn’t the first time Mr. Snuggles has graced this blog’s ‘pages’ but today is really his day. Not only for stuffed bears in general, but also Americans. Although, I have to be frank here – he was made in China, yikes.

Now, on a more sobering note. A young adult from my hometown passed away today and it really saddens me. I didn’t know this person personally although I was friends with her sibling for some time in middle school and I knew 0f her as she trailed behind us in school. It’s frightening to me that as we get older I know more and more people who don’t get to continue life’s amazing journey – either by a terrible accident or their own hand. We don’t know what our life holds so we need to make every bit that we have right now and make it count. I realize this ‘Every Day is a Holiday’ experiment is a fun stunt but there really is truth in the meaning – we should, and do, have something to celebrate every single day and we can’t ever become too busy or bogged down to take time and remember that. My prayers go out to her family and those who were closely touched by her impact in their lives as they cope with this tragedy.


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