Happy National Veteran’s Day!

veterans day


I’ve become one of those people who bring their laptops to work on public transportation… However, this bus is great because the wifi works pretty consistently and with the exception of this one ride I’ve always had a seat to myself to stretch out and work on my lappy. Anyone who uses buses to cart between cities I highly recommend taking the Bolt Bus! Fancy new buses with comfortable seats for as much as $10 roundtrip. Sorry to the kid next to me who has to deal with the blinding light from my screen – I can’t figure out how to turn down the brightness… Ah, there we go – found it! All is well and I can continue minus the headache.

Today I not only enjoyed a day off of school and an extra long weekend but also the biggest Veteran’s Day parade west of the Mississippi! Now, that’s a big deal if you ask me. Don’t tell me little old Albany, Oregon is just ‘Small-bany’. We have a huge parade, if nothing else. I’ve been carrying the banner for my mom’s band program since elementary school and then marching through middle and high school so I’m still not used to the spectator aspect of the parade experience. Eric and I decided that we would beat the boring stand and wait part and once the parade got rolling toward us we would walk from the end backwards. That way we would see the parade in fast forward and we’d get some exercise as well as have a chance to look for everyone we know. Our plan was working wonderfully until we reached the beginning and the parade wasn’t even halfway over! Now, I expected this would happen at some point but I really did think the plan would work a little better than that. So of course we went to the band holding cell where students mark time in uncomfortable uniforms for 3 hours before finally being released to march the route. After giving Welsh a hug and waving at everyone we knew we said a couple words to my mom. At this point we realized the only way to get back to the car was to follow the route and why not take the opportunity to get there in style? I mean, it’s not every day you get to stroll down the road following your own personal marching band with the crowd clapping and cheering. Okay, I understand they didn’t care a bit about us joining the group but then again, I think they did. Or, at least the children did. Whenever you toss free candy and snazzy pencils into a crowd people seem to like you a whole lot. Anyway, I’m sure this parade story isn’t quite as exciting as it is in my head so I’ll hurry along to the one good part: When we passed the first announcement stand they said the usual “Here we have MMS directed by JBuchert playing Something Patriotic” and all that and then they say “And marching with her today is her daughter Carrie Buchert, and her husband. The parade is an event for the whole family!’ I busted up laughing. Not only because they failed to mention the principal or VP walking with the band but also because a) how did they know who I am, and b) it sounded so weird to hear them call Eric my husband. I think that’s one of those moments people talk about when getting married becomes real. There’s no one else I would rather chuck candy at children and dodge horse poop with than him.



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