Happy National Men Make Dinner Day!



Since Eric’s an hour away and Nick refused, I needed a man to make my dinner… I ran over to Mr. McDonald and he hooked me up for a couple bucks – it was pretty delicious. Now, don’t you health-food, vegan farmer’s market folks judge me! Every person enjoys a greasy, salty/sweet meal from time to time, especially on a rainy Thursday so don’t pretend you’re above it.

On a less controversial note, I received the best package of my life today. I literally have never been happier to race back to my room carrying a big 22 pound box. Now, I’m not sure I should say what it is on the internet where burglars and hoodlums reside but since no one knows where I live and it’s inside two locks, here goes nothing. I have oboes upon oboes in my room! I almost started weeping tears of joy this afternoon when I opened all the cases and gazed at their full-conservatory, professional glory. You might think I’m exaggerating but I actually teared up, in all seriousness. If the weight of Eric’s proposal could be opened in a FedEx box – it was this moment.

Now, you might wonder why this means so much to me? Well, getting a new anything is really fun and all but this is different. I’ve been playing oboe for 8-9 years now and until this evening I’ve been playing that entire time on a plastic intermediate level Yamaha. I’m always one to work with what I have and I didn’t give into the ‘my oboe’s not built be resonant – I can’t sound full’ pit fall or even the ‘my oboe doesn’t have those trill keys, or that mechanism – I can’t play that cleanly’ problem either. I made it my goal to be the best with the worst because it would make me that much better of a player working through it. So now that I’ve reached about 3 years past the required transition point we’ve finally come up with a financial plan to make it possible and I can’t be happier. Tonight at rehearsal I was playing on a beautiful clear plastic composite Marigaux and that thing really let me play. Dang. It was so much fun for the instrument to respond to me playing and to really support me in what I wanted to do. Granted, as I’ve been playing on a baby model I’m not used to the split D open key system and one of my solos basically didn’t play because I just couldn’t get everything covered for that series of notes. However, the ones that did play were warm and big and full! Ah, I just can’t get over it. So this weekend I’ll be playing beautiful oboes until my mouth falls off and by the end of next week I’ll be the proud owner of one. It’s so rewarding to be in that next stage of my music career with an instrument that’s ready for it. Watch out high orchestral solos, my third octave key is coming for you!


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