Happy National Common Sense Day!


I thought about this blog post a lot today and while I was too busy in class to scour the park blocks for a photograph-able lack of common sense, I did find this quiz amusing! It was surely not what I was expecting… I was ready to answer questions like, “While walking after dusk it is best practice to walk in the bike lane and wear dark colors, true or false?” I definitely would have been able to answer that one! However, I have to admit that this quiz took me off guard and I got a lousy 50%! Yikes. I hope you all fail too so I don’t have reason to be terribly embarrassed! At least for today I hope no one did anything too stupid. Think rationally before you act because the brain sorts emotion faster than judgement!

Now, I have the privilege to introduce you all to a non-profit called Animal Ashram that advocates for animals, particularly in the factory farming industry. Many of us have already heard the statistics and the argument but that doesn’t give us the right to ignore it. Don’t be fooled by the pink, glittering website – their message really is important and I hope that everyone takes a moment to read though and reflect upon it. I think it’s interesting that they also encourage yoga through their mission to “celebrate the oneness of life.” Good work, guys!




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