Happy National Cookie Monster Day!



First off, has anyone ever had these cookies? Nicky, our Dutch exchange student, brought them with her and our family fell in love with them immediately! They’re so delicious it’s one of those foods that you grab one bite of with a walk by and then you’re constantly circling until it’s all gone and you have to explain how you were so overwhelmed with taste euphoria that you couldn’t resist. It basically turns me into a Cookie Monster whenever these are around. So glad we stumbled upon these in that weird food aisle in Ross!

That scholarship competition I am in this weekend happened this morning and it went really well! I was happily surprised at the level of talent this year and everyone did a really great job. It’s basically a beauty pageant because the first part is a walk around the room with a wave to the judges. Then we got an impromptu speech topic to be followed by a two minute response. It’s not often that we have to think on the fly in front of people and I’m really glad I’m confident in my speech. For music I think it’s important to study from the prepared, analytical style of theory as well as the performance aspect. In a similar way being able to write influences my ability to speak. If you can’t form the idea in your head it doesn’t matter much how you deliver it. Enough of this chatter… Drumroll… I won! The $1000 scholarship is going to be so helpful! It was a really great opportunity! Happy holidays!



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