Happy National Author’s Day!


Tonight I’m going mobile, posting from a hotel room in Salem. I’m takin part in a scholarship competition this weekend so I’m holed up in a hotel with other young adults for tonight and tomorrow. I really don’t mind that too much but when I’m 20 minutes from my own bed and could see Eric and my family for longer it’s a little bit of a bummer. Currently the high school girl competitors are having a party in one of the rooms while I am showered, in my pajamas, and writing my blog in this quiet room, alone. Maturity, right?

Now, for the holiday. It dawned on me today that I’m a bit of an author! Now, I won’t get on my high horse so fast as to say I’m ‘published’ or ‘famous’ but in super little ways, I am. I’ve been maintaining this blog for 200 and some odd days now and although some of them have been one-liners with a picture to suffice the majority I’ve put a lot of care into what I had to say. This experience has actually improved my writing not because I needed better grammar or syntax but because I needed an opportunity to truly define my writing style. It was an unstated goal of mine to have a common thread through my daily posts that went beyond the catchphrase ‘every day is a holiday’. The older I’m getting the more I realize that my insane freshman bucket list isn’t as insane or out of reach as I thought. I wanted to go to France at least twice (done), work in fast food (done), get a music scholarship (done), and author a book (…or blog) (done) for starters. Now I just need to get on those sky diving lessons and learn how to skateboard!



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  1. Julie Buchert

    I love reading your blog. I read the haunted refrigerator to Beth and we both just busted out laughing. She mentioned that you’re a good author.

    Julie Buchert

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